Rise of the False Dawn

A new moon

Sometime during the hour Kevin and Ki spend sorting through various paper files, and after the ten minutes Ken and Mirko spend sniffing through the repository of cocaine, Ken successfully badgers Kevin for his “Phoneberry” and begins furiously typing. If anybody peers over his shoulder, or goes through a browser history, it would seem that Ken maintains a Livejournal page, set to private, which may impress you considering you’ve never seen Ken on a computer. These are the most recent entries.

Day 0

Per edict by the disciplinary council, the Sun Pack has been stripped of all rank and honor, of all belongings and status, and forcibly removed from the Sept of Gaia’s Tears. We are effectively cliath and for the purposes of continuing our lives within the brotherhood we are to be considered having only just experienced the First Change. As newborn pups, today is the first day of our new lives.

This new life is purpose-born: Revenge. Revenge for the fallen Sept. Revenge for betrayal. Revenge for the taken. We have few answers, but woe to those enemies who hear the cry of the Sun Pack.

We are given six moons to exact our revenge upon The Black Hand, an organization we are told was responsible for the theft of the Spirit Forge and disappearances of Soothsayer of Water, Hunts With Bears, and many guardian spirits who once infused this miracle of Gaia. Should we find ourselves victorious, perhaps a third phase of our lives will begin soon afterwards. If not, perhaps it marks the end of the second.

Day 1

I am in a car. No, I am in a van. I’m in a van with a dam ham, or rather its remains, as we continue towards Syracuse. We were stopped on the high path by human authorities who claimed to be working with Hunts With Bears, who saw fit to provide us with identification and money but not answers about the events at Gaia’s Tears. We are pointed at a warehouse in Syracuse, possessed by the Magi-tek corporation, who I’m told is a private security firm.

Why is Hunts With Bears somewhere near Buffalo, and why did he not return to aid us in our trial? Why is he not here now? Questions multiply and we find ourselves no closer to answers. Why did the name on my identification, my FIRST last name, have to be Ken Hornakker? I may not leave anything of HWB left for Mirko to exercise his rage upon.

Day 1.5

We began the day introducing ourselves to absolutely nobody at the edge of the city limits, somewhere near the eighty-first eye. We then headed into the city center, to Falcon Tower, where we met the “Head of Public Relations” who seemed to be kinfolk. We warned him that we were hunting in the area and he didn’t seem to register the gravity of the warning.

We then scouted out the Magi-tek warehouse, where after deftly evading some smog elementals patrolling the umbral perimeter, we slipped into their information storage den, where right now paper is being shuffled. Mirko and I discovered a cache of what he described as “riot gear” and also a separate, larger cache of what he described as “delicious”. I could not identify the particular taste or smell of the powder, but I seem rather eager now to slaughter the guardians in the room adjacent to ours, so perhaps it’s a rage-enhancement talon. A lady McManus guards a computer I’m sure Kevin will know what to do with. A document provided by HWB indicates that she’s a major source of wyrm-taint. We also learned that she was responsible for some communications to HWB’s notberryphone on the night of the intrusion at Gaia’s Tears.

She has answers. We will soon have answers.



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