Rise of the False Dawn

Christmas eve eve

Well, that was awkward

After coming back to the sept the Sun Pack dropped off Eva and reported to the Sept Beta. They were accepted into the Sept, but because of Eva Mirko was “offered” the position of Sept Den Father. Afterwards Mirko demanded audience with the Master of Challenge and threatened the receptionist if he was unable to provide her phone number. The kinfolk was unable to do so, but did pass along the request and Beard of Grey did show up and threatened to shove his klaive up Mirko’s ass if he ever threatened one of his employees.

The Sun Pack returned home to find Juan, one of Ki’s cousins, at the house as their uncle sent to Ki as Juan was “hopeless.” By this point Mirko appeared to be tired with the entire thing so he accepted Juan without any concern.

After sleeping the pack set about getting a variety of projects in order. Ken started to clean up the house, Ki was making meals, talens and catching up with Juan and Kevin started going through the harddrives that the pack had stolen from MagiTech.

“What should I not look up?” Ken
“I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just go do it.” Kevin

“That’s like putting a bullet in a gun” Kevin
“That’s… where … they go.” Ken

Kevin found out information about

  • Wyrm tainted weapons
  • Elaine McManus might not be dead – “Recently upgraded” and “Active”
    First she was “Deceased”, then “Upgraded” and now “Active”
  • Eva and her family were “critical assets”

When Ki cast the Rite of the Questing Stone on Elaine McManus it pointed weakly West and so there is some corroboration of the documentation Kevin found.

Ken ordered a dozen curries, red, green, yellow as well as mixed colors of curry. He brought the food up to Mirko’s room. Mirko ordered Ken to get it out of room, Ken left and they got into it over the curry.

“It’s curry, I think once you taste it you’ll realize you’re making a huge mistake.”

Mirko comes down the stairs the next morning in crinos and asks if Ken wants to challenge him. Ken claims he gave Mirko the same show of respect or lack there of that he showed Beard of Grey.

Should they look on the fridge, the pack might notice a To Do list.


Ki and Ken summon Tughill the spirit of Wendigo that brings the snow from the sea to the land. They make a deal to tear down the gates of a gymnasium to allow Tughill in within the week.

As they patrolled Mirko and Kevin heard a buzzing noise and saw that eight small drones were carrying zombie hogs towards the Sept.



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