Rise of the False Dawn

From top to bottom

A descent into disgusting

Poised outside the inner room where Elaine McManus and her MagiTeck guards were stationed the Sun Pack prepared. Busting down the down Ki leaped nimbly across the floor to land behind a desk and assess the situation. Followed closely on his heals Mirko, with flashing claws, and Ken, with flames roaring from his body, leapt upon the guards. “Werewolves, use the Adrenoblock!” should McManus as she drew a knife from her jacket. Meanwhile Ki and Kevin took up weapons from the guards to join the fray.

Claws rose and fell, guns went off, and the enemies of Gaia fell to the righteous claws of the Sun Pack. Ki raced to discern what the man at the computer was doing and fell victim to the man’s gun in the process, but did learn when reinforcements were incoming.

Immediate response strike force: ETA 7:00
Anti-werewolf response force ETA 20:00
Lvl 2 security force 0:40
Monitor and surveillance 20:00

Once the melee was complete Kevin pushed the corpse of the MagiTech guard away from the computer and activated his phone while purloining their files. Not a great deal was discovered, but they did learn that McManus was ex-military, an “enhanced” being, and had acquired the biological elements needed to “enhance” other things in the laboratory somewhere on the premises.

Meanwhile, Ken and Mirok went to open the way to clear out the barricaded members of the MagiTech guards. Kevin joined them in cleansing the last of the mess on the first floor while Ki traded out to attempt to learn more on the MagiTeck computer system. It seems that MagiTech was one of five entities with the mysterious Black Hand, though details were sparse.

Moving down through the trapdoor the Sun Pack learned what may have been “enhanced” by the biological elements McManus had acquired. A giant fungus monster assaulted them not tentacles, fumes, poison and ugliness. The Sun Pack, however was undeterred and moved further down to find a trapdoor leading to the lab.

Ki moved stealthily down the hole to find out what was going on. It seemed that some elements of phasing and teleportation were being researched. While the guards were being handily destroyed by Ken, Mirok and Kevin one of the scientists activated a machine that brought him into the Umbra.

The Sun Pack looked at the dead guards and cowering scientists and decided to….



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