Rise of the False Dawn

Sept of Falcon's Root

Filling Out the Forms

The pack visits the Sept of Falcon’s Roost and met with Roger Flood (Glass Walker Kinfolk)

Emissaries from New Hampshire ( Rolling Thunder) who used a Moon Bridge to visit the Sept, which was a surprise to the Garou of the Sept. Rolling Thunder is mostly made up of Shadowlords and Get of Fenris.

Afterwards, the pack meets with the Sept Warder who is also the Keeper of the Land one Agnar “Gaze of Ancestors” Chen a Stargazer who has two tattoos across his forehead.

The pack asks about the Sept and they learn that the Sept has been in existence for roughly seven years and have not had a day of peace since. The Sept is in Syracuse that has been a blight on the earth with vampires, two BSD hives (one to the west and one to the east) as well as fomori, corporations and the like.

The Sept doesn’t function like a standard Sept as they have moots, but less calming than some as there always has to be a pack that is patrolling. The Sept is imperfect and they know that and therefore responsibilities are high with only three packs in the Sept. Lambent Talents (previously Alphaed by Beard of Grey), Finders of the Once Lost (Uktena), Gilded Hunters (Roger Daily – Beta of the Sept).

Roger is the Beta, who also largely runs the day to day operations, manages the building, kinfolk, security, police etc whereas Beard of Grey deal with Garou issues — raids, visitors, etc. Similarly the Alphas meet regularly, once a month, to discuss business and communicate any concerns amongst the Sept.

Three elders — Agnar, a blind Child of Gaia named Peter and black-haired, tightly braided, 35-year-old woman who is carrying a huge staff/halbard blade on the front.

Bear of Grey speaks of the Sept and is very gracious to the pack, whereas Makes No Wake (the Master of the Challenge) was clearly angry with the Sun Pack. Amongst the conversation, she clearly states her position on the pack stating that, “If I could have voted with my conscious, you would be dead.” but she acknowledges that her Alpha ordered to vote as she did.

The requirements of the Sept are not standard and include

  • 25% of a pack’s time in service to the Sept completely and as the Omgea pack the Sun Pack would get the seven days of the month no one else wanted.
  • The pack must live within five minutes of the Sept.
  • Traveling out the city depends on Roger and if he says a pack cannot travel, then they cannot do so.

The Sun Pack leaves and heads down get their car, which seems to have been “pimped out” by the Kinfolk Ihibit. In the meantime, Roger gets everyone their keycards (talens), transponders, and other such accoutrements.

The pack, following up on suggestions from Beard of Grey, go looking for a Galliard. They meet up with a short sickly looking man, Steve “from accounting” Grundelson a Get of Fenris Galliard who was a late changer who almost killed his previous Sept Alpha.

They then went and spoke to Frank “Iron Jaw” a Fostern Galliard Bone Gnawer. He seems to be a clean, white button-down wearing, designer sunglasses bum who lives on the corner. The pack spoke with Iron Jaw about the possibility of joining their pack and found out that he used to live in Buffalo and left after it became a really bad place to live. He left after Mr. Mayor found it was getting to hot for even him, Mr. Mayor being the eldest Bone Gnawer who knows everyone. Buffalo has fomori police, vampires walking the streets, and while he wasn’t particularly interested in joining the pack, he would potentially join up if they went to deal with Buffalo.

Along the way to pick up their car, the Pack runs across Dr. Al Croger from the research department who is running after a small half-man, half-pig yelling, “Pigly! Bad, Pigly!” He introduces himself as Dr. Al Croger, a Fostern Theurge of the Glasswalker.

Eventually, the pack is able to make their way to their suite on the 18th floor and they visit Ikea in the pimped out van to furnish their suite. Afterwards, Beard of Grey shows up and they discuss the the information they gained and eventually explains the real reason he ordered Makes No Wake to vote for them, which is that Soothsayer of Water had a prophecy that the Sept would be wounded, but that a great good would come from the pack that was accused.

Afterwards, they invite Steve into the pack and he gladly accepts and reveals that his deed name is Steve “Accounts for Bodies” Grundelson.

Following this, the pack gets ready for the moot….



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