Rise of the False Dawn

Transcript of WSYR Newscast

December 20, 2014

Transcript of WSYR-DT News

::playing introductory music::
Announcer: “Live, broadcasting with 5 million Watts of power from the top of Falcon Tower, this is North America’s most powerful tv station*, WSYR and the News at Five.”
Tim Tucker: “Good evening, it’s December 20th, 2014, 5pm. I’m Tim Tucker.”
Jenifer McCann: “And I’m Jenifer McCann, time for the FIVE AT FIVE, the top five stories in Western New York and Southern Ontario.”
TT: “We begin with coverage of the unfolding tragedy in Buffalo, where police shot and killed 8 unarmed people protesting the widespread police corruption in Buffalo and Erie County.”
::video shows of police in riot gear opening fire with a semi-automatic weapon on a crowd of peaceful protestors::
JM: “At least 8 are dead, and dozens more wounded. In response protests have turned violent, with gunshots and breaking glass the sounds of the night in Buffalo. Worse, a strike of city firefighters has left parts of the city burning out of control.”
TT: “Governor Mouco has declared a state of emergency, deploying state troopers, and calling up the national guard. He’s also asked the legislature to pass a bill funding private security firms to bring order to Buffalo. WSYR has three crews in Buffalo, and will keep you updated.”
JM: “Our second story focuses on the explosions at the Syracuse airport, which left at least 10 dead from smoke inhalation, and even more are injured.”
TT: “Earlier this afternoon, gun shots were heard outside an old warehouse on the north side of the airport.”
:: helicopter flyover shows smoke pouring out of the warehouse, and bodies being removed from the warehouse::
JM: “Sources close to the investigation tell us that separatists from Quebec are likely involved. The FAA has reported a number of flight manifests from rural Quebec to Syracuse, terminating at the warehouse. Airport firefighters put out a large fire that may have left the building uninhabitable. More as the story becomes available.”
TT: “More drama in the capital today. Third, tonight we’ll look into what is going on in Albany.”
:: short video clips of politicians looking angry :::
JM: “Law makers from western and northern New York are threatening to walk out of future legislative sessions, unless the Governor deals with the rampant unemployment, sky rocketing crime rates and the chaos in Buffalo.”
TT: “Some are even calling for the state to be split in half. Others, slightly more extreme elements are discussing succeeding from the Union completely.”
JM: “We have the inside story, on where your local politician stand on the issues.”
TT: “Our fourth story is, if you can believe it, wildlife here in Syracuse. On the heels of coyotes seen in New York, and more walking across the ice in Boston Harbor, a number of packs of coyotes have been spotted in and around Syracuse.”
:: photos of coyotes around Syracuse scroll across the screen::
JM: “Wildlife experts say that the coyotes pose no threat to people and should be left alone. Complete details to follow.”
TT: “Our last note on FIVE AT FIVE, cold. With details, here’s WSYR’s meteorologist Thomas Edward Downs the Fifth.”
::camera pans to a map of the region, covered in blue and purple::
TEDV: “As we head towards the winter solstice tomorrow, record breaking cold is expected over the region, with low temperatures near 20 below in many places. The models are hinting this cold will last a while too. Is snow in the forecast? We’ll have your complete 3 day forecast, coming up.”
TT: “Can’t wait to hear how cold it will get!”
TEDV: “I just told you, -20.”
TT: “Alright sparky, settle down.”
Announcer: “The latest and best news for New York and Ontario blasting at 5 million Watts of power from the top of Falcon Tower. This is North America’s most powerful tv station*, WSYR and the News at Five.”



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