Rise of the False Dawn

Well... that could have gone worse

Learning, escaping, healing...

In the basement of the MagiTeck laboratory Ki Ackerman, Ken, and Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak began to look for an exit while Kevin searched through the computers to look for information that the Sun Pack was looking for.

Stepping out into the back corridors the pack found that there were a number of guards that were waiting for the pack. Getting ready for their final battle Ki snuck through the front lines so that he could could strike from the back. Meanwhile Mirko and Ken struck down the guards , but from the shadows a dark and fell creature appeared bearing a sniper rifle ripped from the movies and dripping gore.

While Mirko and Ki stepped forward to battle the creature, Ken took care of the rest of the guards. The giant creature pulled from the Umbra shot at Mirko and he nearly fell to the ground. The Mirko roared and swiped at the creature striking a powerful counterattack. As Ken finished off the others he turned back towards the creature, but then they heard a hiss and smelled the odor of a toxic gas being slowly leaked into the corridor. Ki, checking with Mirko, went after the new threat and rounded the corner finding a scientist typing something into a computer. He knocked the man to the ground and began to attempt to access the controls, but was locked out.

The creature took another shot at Mirko and the shot would have killed a normal man, but Mirko’s rage boiled powerfully through his body and healed the grievous wounds. With a roar he leapt to his feet and toar into the foul beast. Ken finished off the remainder of the guards and flanked the creatures, drawing its attention from Mirko.

Ki was able to get to the fallen scientist and roared, “Key!” and was promptly provided with the access key to the computer. Placing the key into the computer he was able to stop the spill of poisonous liquid onto his allies.

As the trap was disarmed, Mirko and Ken tore into the creature and dispatched it from the realm.

Looking around the pack had to decide what to do. Ken went back to set the oil on fire, tripped and fell falling into a frenzy and attacked the fountain and oil, but the gifts of Helios allow for his goal to succeed nonetheless, though the flare dropped down into the darkness.

Fleeing from the back entrance the pack heard helicopters overhead the pack fled over a fence and ducked into their minivan hiding from the searchers. Once the guards had left, they pack drove away and rented a hotel for the evening.

Once they were settled, Ki called to speak to the Sept of Falcon’s Roost regarding what had happened at the airport. After speaking briefly to ?? of the sept he agreed to visit them at the hotel. He arrived and spoke briefly with the pack about their actions and was kind enough to provided some limited healing to the pack to aid in their recovery.

After he left, the pack discussed their next steps and who would be pack alpha. Mirko spoke up as did…



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