Rise of the False Dawn

Well, we survived...

Regarding questions and consequences

Kevin, Ki, Mirko, and Ken were confused, angry, and, at a little, nervous as they listened to the witnesses being brought forth at their trial. Spirits accused them of leading Black Spiral Dancers into the heart of the caern while another claimed that it saw nothing of the sort and was there all evening. In the end Elder 1 believed they were a menace and called with an immediate death. Elder 2 argued that the evidence was inconclusive and to damn us without finding out the truth would be unwise. Elder 3 sat silently for some time and eventually said that Uktena was silent and therefore he would follow suit.

In the end, they were stripped of all that they were and commanded to strike a devastating blow to the “Black Hand” greater than that which they had dealt to the Sept of Gaia’s Tears.

Gathering what shreds of dignity they still had the foursome wandered down to the Rotted Stump to ask Hank if he would give them a ride to somewhere closer to civilization. A few hours, beers, and burgers later they piled into Hanks truck and he drove them to Small town.

There they went shopping for a car (well, minivan) 2015-toyota-sienna-se-001-1.jpg and some basic supplies. Taking stock of their situation Kevin was able to find Elaina McManus’ address, while Ki confirmed that she was at least in that direction. Interested in finding out more about the woman that Hunts-With-Bears ostensibly was communicating with they slept the night in a hotel and set out for Syracuse the next morning.

While Kevin was driving he noticed a state trooper had been tailing them for some time. While the pack discussed what to do, the car’s lights lit up and Kevin obligingly pulled over. After some discussion, it tuned out that the man. Samir Gurgui. was there to deliver a briefcase with some supplies to the pack from their erstwhile leader Hunts-With-Bears. Ostensibly Samir had last seen Hunts in Buffallo and their mutual employer was a dire enemy of the Black Hand and wished to help us. Five dossiers regarding those connected with the Black Hand along with passports, money and weapons were in the briefcase, though what to do with them was unclear. What was also unclear was the pack’s opinions about Hunts as Mirko delivered a messaged to Hunts via Samir that Mirko was coming for Hunts. Ken spoke of understanding what actually happened before driving off potential allies and in the end the pack moved on to their next goal.

It seems that Elaine was in the dossier as well, along with the airport where she often spent time. Driving closer to the airport the foursome retired to a nearby park and stepped sideways to approach the airport in stealth. Moving through the umbra three smog elementals Smog_Elemental.jpg. While climbing Ken’s foot slipped and as the smog elementals flew towards them the pack scrambled for cover, but were able to avoid the beings.

Moving forward once again, more carefully, they were able to enter the warehouse and return to terra. In the file cabinets within the warehouse it turned out that there were a host of manifests for drugs, guns, and larger weapons moving between Montreal and various places within Central America. While the two were reading, Ken and Mirko were exploring the crates and discovered an immense amount of cocaine within the pallets.

With this information, the Sun Pack prepared to confront Elaina McManus.



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