Aaron Pengrave

The pushy, ambitious young warder of Falcon's Roost


Homid Name: Aaron Pengrave
Breed: Holid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Glasswalker
Rank: Adren
Pure Breed: ROFL

Description: Aaron is a rapidly aging male, aged somewhere in early 40’s. His sense of style is limited, and he often looks like a cast off from a 1980’s music video. He was probably a looker in 1989, but today he appears more goofy than handsome.

Short Bio: Aaron Pengrave is a rising star at the Sept of Falcon’s Root. He is known to be quite pushy, but also quite capable. He recently successfully challenged for the position of Warder. He is quite handy with the technology, and his ambition makes him a very hands on Warder. He is both liked and disliked by kinfolk, many of whom find him overbearing, but others appreciate the energy he brings to defending the Sept.

Game History: He has interacted briefly with the Sun Pack, giving them directions for their time in service to the defense of the Caern.


Aaron Pengrave

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