Al Kroger

Mad-scientist in residence at Sept of Flacon's Roost


Garou Name: Use-As-Directed
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Glasswalker
Rank: Fostern
Pure Breed: 0
Pack: Gilded Hunters

Description: Tall and skinny, Kroger’s most notable feature is his well trimmed black beard. In most other ways he is a quintessential mad-scientist, spending the majority of his time in the basement of Falcon’s Tower in the “Applied Research Department.”

Short Bio: Dr. Al Kroger is the head of the Sept of Falcon’s Roost Applied Research Department. He goes by the title of Doctor and performs many activities that require a medical degree; however, he is neither a medical doctor nor “the other kind” (“technically”). His “father” was a Nazi scientist who fled with him to Brazil, where they lived until Krieger was 15 when his pet Dobermans killed his father.

He speaks fluent English, German, and Portuguese. However, he appears to have little or no exposure to modern street vernacular; for example, he misunderstands the phrase “tight” to mean “confining,” rather than “very satisfactory,” as intended by the speaker.

Kroger lives in run down, “transitional” neighborhoods which allows him to use his salary for “pet projects.” His interests include bionics, cloning, recreational drug design, and drumming. He is technically a member of the Gilded Hunters, but does not spend as much time with them as a normal Garou spends with their pack.


Al Kroger

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