Beard of Grey

Alpha of Falcon's Roost


Garou Name: Beard of Grey
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silver Fang
Rank: Elder
Pure Breed: 4

Description: Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome, with a distinctive silver colored beard. Usually wears a large brimmed hat, and a trench-coat. Has a notable battle scar about his neck. Carries an ancestral grand klaive. His pure breed is clearly evident as one approaches him.

Short Bio: A beloved, natural leader, Beard of Grey was the favorite to become alpha of the Sept of Gaia’s Tears. It came as a shock to the majority of Garou when he lost the challenge to his long time rival Heart of Flame. It was an even greater shock when Heart of Flame helped Beard of Grey to form the Sept of Falcon’s Roost through the Rite of Cairn Building.

In Game History: Mirko threatened Beard of Grey’s kinfolk, Preston Wilcott III, with violence if he did not, immediately produce Makes No Wake. This was an impossible request for Preston to fufil, but Mirko continued to bully the defenseless kinfolk, Ken also (uncharacteristically) aggressively pushed Preston to produce the Philodox. Beard of Grey appeared and warned the Sun Pack to leave his kinfolk alone, and to not make further threats to Sept employees. Prior to this incident Beard of Grey was a strong advocate for the Sun Pack, including ordering Makes No Wake to vote for their innocence in their trial over her own objections and judgements. Beard of Grey revealed that an important prophecy involving the pack had been shared to him from Soothsayer of Water. Beard of Grey further smoothed the Pack’s arrival to the Sept and instructed his subordinates to be welcoming in to the pack of social outcasts. It is not clear why Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak has antagonized Beard of Grey, but it has clearly offended the proud Silver Fang, and now the pack is at risk of losing their patron and only supporter.


Beard of Grey

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