Jason "Hands of Thunder"

A capable guardian and confidant who avoids the limelight


Homid Name: Jason Donald
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Rank: Fostern
Pure Breed: 0
Pack: Memories of Thunder

Description: Hands of Thunder is a while male in his early 30’s. He has long black hair and sharp facial features, including a hawk-like nose. Jason favors dark clothing, and is most often seen sporting a trench-coat. He is not particularly handsome, but puts himself together well.

History: Hands of Thunder is one of the original Sept members who fought in the bloody Rite of Caern Building. He is a popular Sept member, who’s calm, balanced wisdom is sought out even by Sept elders. Despite participating in major efforts, Jason remains a fostern who prefers to share glory with pack and Sept members.

In Game: Jason approached Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak about joining his new pack, and Mirko declined the invitation.


Jason "Hands of Thunder"

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