Makes No Wake

A direct, no nonsense judge, with a mean streak


Homid Name: Lily Sandoval
Breed: Metis
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Child of Gaia
Rank: Athro
Pure Breed: 2
Pack: Lambient Talons

Description: Lily is young, in her mid-30s. She has two major battle scars, one across her neck and the other along her wrist, displays of her bravery. She is a direct person in mannerism, rarely mincing words once she has come to a decision. A deep fire of rage burns within her, which she keeps buried for the most part, but when it arises she is known to be unkind to those facing her judgement. She is a pretty, but scares off interested kinfolk with her intensity.

Short Bio: Lily is ambitious, assertive and direct. She has risen to the rank of Athro in a very short amount of time. To many her worth was proven, and her pure breed validated, when Falcon accepted her into his pack. Her leadership has served well in her time with Beard of Grey. It is widely assumed that she would challenge for Sept Alpha should anything happen to Beard of Grey. She was the former Beta of the Lambient Talons, a position she relinquished to serve as Master of the Challenge for the Sept of Falcon’s Roost.

Game History: Hers was the deciding vote of the Trial of the Sun Pack. At Sept of Falcon’s Roost she has been publicly disrespected by Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak twice; (1) at a board meeting with Sept executives and (2) in the lobby of the building Mirko was recorded to have called her a “bitch” and threatened her. Unknown kinfolk or Garou at the Sept have widely circulated this video to the Sept as a whole.


Makes No Wake

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