Roger Daly

Sept beta and manager of Falcon's Tower, is by-the-book and valliant


Garou Name: Unknown
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Glasswalker (Corporate Wolf)
Rank: Athro
Pure Breed: 1

Description: He is a tall lanky, rapidly greying man who is usually seen in a suit or other similar formal clothes. He is notable for having pure breed as a Glasswalker.

Short Bio: Roger Daly is well known in Central New York for leading his pack valiantly against Concordant foes, and has a knack of always being where the action is. He is something of an oddity amongst Glasswalkers, a traditionalist, he is by the book, focused on processes. He runs the day to day operations of Falcon’s Tower as Sept Beta, while Beard-of-Grey handles Garou business. He has relinquished control of his pack, The Gilded Hunters while running Sept Business.


Roger Daly

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