Rise of the False Dawn

Sept of Falcon's Root
Filling Out the Forms

The pack visits the Sept of Falcon’s Roost and met with Roger Flood (Glass Walker Kinfolk)

Emissaries from New Hampshire ( Rolling Thunder) who used a Moon Bridge to visit the Sept, which was a surprise to the Garou of the Sept. Rolling Thunder is mostly made up of Shadowlords and Get of Fenris.

Afterwards, the pack meets with the Sept Warder who is also the Keeper of the Land one Agnar “Gaze of Ancestors” Chen a Stargazer who has two tattoos across his forehead.

The pack asks about the Sept and they learn that the Sept has been in existence for roughly seven years and have not had a day of peace since. The Sept is in Syracuse that has been a blight on the earth with vampires, two BSD hives (one to the west and one to the east) as well as fomori, corporations and the like.

The Sept doesn’t function like a standard Sept as they have moots, but less calming than some as there always has to be a pack that is patrolling. The Sept is imperfect and they know that and therefore responsibilities are high with only three packs in the Sept. Lambent Talents (previously Alphaed by Beard of Grey), Finders of the Once Lost (Uktena), Gilded Hunters (Roger Daily – Beta of the Sept).

Roger is the Beta, who also largely runs the day to day operations, manages the building, kinfolk, security, police etc whereas Beard of Grey deal with Garou issues — raids, visitors, etc. Similarly the Alphas meet regularly, once a month, to discuss business and communicate any concerns amongst the Sept.

Three elders — Agnar, a blind Child of Gaia named Peter and black-haired, tightly braided, 35-year-old woman who is carrying a huge staff/halbard blade on the front.

Bear of Grey speaks of the Sept and is very gracious to the pack, whereas Makes No Wake (the Master of the Challenge) was clearly angry with the Sun Pack. Amongst the conversation, she clearly states her position on the pack stating that, “If I could have voted with my conscious, you would be dead.” but she acknowledges that her Alpha ordered to vote as she did.

The requirements of the Sept are not standard and include

  • 25% of a pack’s time in service to the Sept completely and as the Omgea pack the Sun Pack would get the seven days of the month no one else wanted.
  • The pack must live within five minutes of the Sept.
  • Traveling out the city depends on Roger and if he says a pack cannot travel, then they cannot do so.

The Sun Pack leaves and heads down get their car, which seems to have been “pimped out” by the Kinfolk Ihibit. In the meantime, Roger gets everyone their keycards (talens), transponders, and other such accoutrements.

The pack, following up on suggestions from Beard of Grey, go looking for a Galliard. They meet up with a short sickly looking man, Steve “from accounting” Grundelson a Get of Fenris Galliard who was a late changer who almost killed his previous Sept Alpha.

They then went and spoke to Frank “Iron Jaw” a Fostern Galliard Bone Gnawer. He seems to be a clean, white button-down wearing, designer sunglasses bum who lives on the corner. The pack spoke with Iron Jaw about the possibility of joining their pack and found out that he used to live in Buffalo and left after it became a really bad place to live. He left after Mr. Mayor found it was getting to hot for even him, Mr. Mayor being the eldest Bone Gnawer who knows everyone. Buffalo has fomori police, vampires walking the streets, and while he wasn’t particularly interested in joining the pack, he would potentially join up if they went to deal with Buffalo.

Along the way to pick up their car, the Pack runs across Dr. Al Croger from the research department who is running after a small half-man, half-pig yelling, “Pigly! Bad, Pigly!” He introduces himself as Dr. Al Croger, a Fostern Theurge of the Glasswalker.

Eventually, the pack is able to make their way to their suite on the 18th floor and they visit Ikea in the pimped out van to furnish their suite. Afterwards, Beard of Grey shows up and they discuss the the information they gained and eventually explains the real reason he ordered Makes No Wake to vote for them, which is that Soothsayer of Water had a prophecy that the Sept would be wounded, but that a great good would come from the pack that was accused.

Afterwards, they invite Steve into the pack and he gladly accepts and reveals that his deed name is Steve “Accounts for Bodies” Grundelson.

Following this, the pack gets ready for the moot….

Transcript of WSYR Newscast
December 20, 2014

Transcript of WSYR-DT News

::playing introductory music::
Announcer: “Live, broadcasting with 5 million Watts of power from the top of Falcon Tower, this is North America’s most powerful tv station*, WSYR and the News at Five.”
Tim Tucker: “Good evening, it’s December 20th, 2014, 5pm. I’m Tim Tucker.”
Jenifer McCann: “And I’m Jenifer McCann, time for the FIVE AT FIVE, the top five stories in Western New York and Southern Ontario.”
TT: “We begin with coverage of the unfolding tragedy in Buffalo, where police shot and killed 8 unarmed people protesting the widespread police corruption in Buffalo and Erie County.”
::video shows of police in riot gear opening fire with a semi-automatic weapon on a crowd of peaceful protestors::
JM: “At least 8 are dead, and dozens more wounded. In response protests have turned violent, with gunshots and breaking glass the sounds of the night in Buffalo. Worse, a strike of city firefighters has left parts of the city burning out of control.”
TT: “Governor Mouco has declared a state of emergency, deploying state troopers, and calling up the national guard. He’s also asked the legislature to pass a bill funding private security firms to bring order to Buffalo. WSYR has three crews in Buffalo, and will keep you updated.”
JM: “Our second story focuses on the explosions at the Syracuse airport, which left at least 10 dead from smoke inhalation, and even more are injured.”
TT: “Earlier this afternoon, gun shots were heard outside an old warehouse on the north side of the airport.”
:: helicopter flyover shows smoke pouring out of the warehouse, and bodies being removed from the warehouse::
JM: “Sources close to the investigation tell us that separatists from Quebec are likely involved. The FAA has reported a number of flight manifests from rural Quebec to Syracuse, terminating at the warehouse. Airport firefighters put out a large fire that may have left the building uninhabitable. More as the story becomes available.”
TT: “More drama in the capital today. Third, tonight we’ll look into what is going on in Albany.”
:: short video clips of politicians looking angry :::
JM: “Law makers from western and northern New York are threatening to walk out of future legislative sessions, unless the Governor deals with the rampant unemployment, sky rocketing crime rates and the chaos in Buffalo.”
TT: “Some are even calling for the state to be split in half. Others, slightly more extreme elements are discussing succeeding from the Union completely.”
JM: “We have the inside story, on where your local politician stand on the issues.”
TT: “Our fourth story is, if you can believe it, wildlife here in Syracuse. On the heels of coyotes seen in New York, and more walking across the ice in Boston Harbor, a number of packs of coyotes have been spotted in and around Syracuse.”
:: photos of coyotes around Syracuse scroll across the screen::
JM: “Wildlife experts say that the coyotes pose no threat to people and should be left alone. Complete details to follow.”
TT: “Our last note on FIVE AT FIVE, cold. With details, here’s WSYR’s meteorologist Thomas Edward Downs the Fifth.”
::camera pans to a map of the region, covered in blue and purple::
TEDV: “As we head towards the winter solstice tomorrow, record breaking cold is expected over the region, with low temperatures near 20 below in many places. The models are hinting this cold will last a while too. Is snow in the forecast? We’ll have your complete 3 day forecast, coming up.”
TT: “Can’t wait to hear how cold it will get!”
TEDV: “I just told you, -20.”
TT: “Alright sparky, settle down.”
Announcer: “The latest and best news for New York and Ontario blasting at 5 million Watts of power from the top of Falcon Tower. This is North America’s most powerful tv station*, WSYR and the News at Five.”

Well... that could have gone worse
Learning, escaping, healing...

In the basement of the MagiTeck laboratory Ki Ackerman, Ken, and Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak began to look for an exit while Kevin searched through the computers to look for information that the Sun Pack was looking for.

Stepping out into the back corridors the pack found that there were a number of guards that were waiting for the pack. Getting ready for their final battle Ki snuck through the front lines so that he could could strike from the back. Meanwhile Mirko and Ken struck down the guards , but from the shadows a dark and fell creature appeared bearing a sniper rifle ripped from the movies and dripping gore.

While Mirko and Ki stepped forward to battle the creature, Ken took care of the rest of the guards. The giant creature pulled from the Umbra shot at Mirko and he nearly fell to the ground. The Mirko roared and swiped at the creature striking a powerful counterattack. As Ken finished off the others he turned back towards the creature, but then they heard a hiss and smelled the odor of a toxic gas being slowly leaked into the corridor. Ki, checking with Mirko, went after the new threat and rounded the corner finding a scientist typing something into a computer. He knocked the man to the ground and began to attempt to access the controls, but was locked out.

The creature took another shot at Mirko and the shot would have killed a normal man, but Mirko’s rage boiled powerfully through his body and healed the grievous wounds. With a roar he leapt to his feet and toar into the foul beast. Ken finished off the remainder of the guards and flanked the creatures, drawing its attention from Mirko.

Ki was able to get to the fallen scientist and roared, “Key!” and was promptly provided with the access key to the computer. Placing the key into the computer he was able to stop the spill of poisonous liquid onto his allies.

As the trap was disarmed, Mirko and Ken tore into the creature and dispatched it from the realm.

Looking around the pack had to decide what to do. Ken went back to set the oil on fire, tripped and fell falling into a frenzy and attacked the fountain and oil, but the gifts of Helios allow for his goal to succeed nonetheless, though the flare dropped down into the darkness.

Fleeing from the back entrance the pack heard helicopters overhead the pack fled over a fence and ducked into their minivan hiding from the searchers. Once the guards had left, they pack drove away and rented a hotel for the evening.

Once they were settled, Ki called to speak to the Sept of Falcon’s Roost regarding what had happened at the airport. After speaking briefly to ?? of the sept he agreed to visit them at the hotel. He arrived and spoke briefly with the pack about their actions and was kind enough to provided some limited healing to the pack to aid in their recovery.

After he left, the pack discussed their next steps and who would be pack alpha. Mirko spoke up as did…

From top to bottom
A descent into disgusting

Poised outside the inner room where Elaine McManus and her MagiTeck guards were stationed the Sun Pack prepared. Busting down the down Ki leaped nimbly across the floor to land behind a desk and assess the situation. Followed closely on his heals Mirko, with flashing claws, and Ken, with flames roaring from his body, leapt upon the guards. “Werewolves, use the Adrenoblock!” should McManus as she drew a knife from her jacket. Meanwhile Ki and Kevin took up weapons from the guards to join the fray.

Claws rose and fell, guns went off, and the enemies of Gaia fell to the righteous claws of the Sun Pack. Ki raced to discern what the man at the computer was doing and fell victim to the man’s gun in the process, but did learn when reinforcements were incoming.

Immediate response strike force: ETA 7:00
Anti-werewolf response force ETA 20:00
Lvl 2 security force 0:40
Monitor and surveillance 20:00

Once the melee was complete Kevin pushed the corpse of the MagiTech guard away from the computer and activated his phone while purloining their files. Not a great deal was discovered, but they did learn that McManus was ex-military, an “enhanced” being, and had acquired the biological elements needed to “enhance” other things in the laboratory somewhere on the premises.

Meanwhile, Ken and Mirok went to open the way to clear out the barricaded members of the MagiTech guards. Kevin joined them in cleansing the last of the mess on the first floor while Ki traded out to attempt to learn more on the MagiTeck computer system. It seems that MagiTech was one of five entities with the mysterious Black Hand, though details were sparse.

Moving down through the trapdoor the Sun Pack learned what may have been “enhanced” by the biological elements McManus had acquired. A giant fungus monster assaulted them not tentacles, fumes, poison and ugliness. The Sun Pack, however was undeterred and moved further down to find a trapdoor leading to the lab.

Ki moved stealthily down the hole to find out what was going on. It seemed that some elements of phasing and teleportation were being researched. While the guards were being handily destroyed by Ken, Mirok and Kevin one of the scientists activated a machine that brought him into the Umbra.

The Sun Pack looked at the dead guards and cowering scientists and decided to….

A new moon

Sometime during the hour Kevin and Ki spend sorting through various paper files, and after the ten minutes Ken and Mirko spend sniffing through the repository of cocaine, Ken successfully badgers Kevin for his “Phoneberry” and begins furiously typing. If anybody peers over his shoulder, or goes through a browser history, it would seem that Ken maintains a Livejournal page, set to private, which may impress you considering you’ve never seen Ken on a computer. These are the most recent entries.

Day 0

Per edict by the disciplinary council, the Sun Pack has been stripped of all rank and honor, of all belongings and status, and forcibly removed from the Sept of Gaia’s Tears. We are effectively cliath and for the purposes of continuing our lives within the brotherhood we are to be considered having only just experienced the First Change. As newborn pups, today is the first day of our new lives.

This new life is purpose-born: Revenge. Revenge for the fallen Sept. Revenge for betrayal. Revenge for the taken. We have few answers, but woe to those enemies who hear the cry of the Sun Pack.

We are given six moons to exact our revenge upon The Black Hand, an organization we are told was responsible for the theft of the Spirit Forge and disappearances of Soothsayer of Water, Hunts With Bears, and many guardian spirits who once infused this miracle of Gaia. Should we find ourselves victorious, perhaps a third phase of our lives will begin soon afterwards. If not, perhaps it marks the end of the second.

Day 1

I am in a car. No, I am in a van. I’m in a van with a dam ham, or rather its remains, as we continue towards Syracuse. We were stopped on the high path by human authorities who claimed to be working with Hunts With Bears, who saw fit to provide us with identification and money but not answers about the events at Gaia’s Tears. We are pointed at a warehouse in Syracuse, possessed by the Magi-tek corporation, who I’m told is a private security firm.

Why is Hunts With Bears somewhere near Buffalo, and why did he not return to aid us in our trial? Why is he not here now? Questions multiply and we find ourselves no closer to answers. Why did the name on my identification, my FIRST last name, have to be Ken Hornakker? I may not leave anything of HWB left for Mirko to exercise his rage upon.

Day 1.5

We began the day introducing ourselves to absolutely nobody at the edge of the city limits, somewhere near the eighty-first eye. We then headed into the city center, to Falcon Tower, where we met the “Head of Public Relations” who seemed to be kinfolk. We warned him that we were hunting in the area and he didn’t seem to register the gravity of the warning.

We then scouted out the Magi-tek warehouse, where after deftly evading some smog elementals patrolling the umbral perimeter, we slipped into their information storage den, where right now paper is being shuffled. Mirko and I discovered a cache of what he described as “riot gear” and also a separate, larger cache of what he described as “delicious”. I could not identify the particular taste or smell of the powder, but I seem rather eager now to slaughter the guardians in the room adjacent to ours, so perhaps it’s a rage-enhancement talon. A lady McManus guards a computer I’m sure Kevin will know what to do with. A document provided by HWB indicates that she’s a major source of wyrm-taint. We also learned that she was responsible for some communications to HWB’s notberryphone on the night of the intrusion at Gaia’s Tears.

She has answers. We will soon have answers.

Well, we survived...
Regarding questions and consequences

Kevin, Ki, Mirko, and Ken were confused, angry, and, at a little, nervous as they listened to the witnesses being brought forth at their trial. Spirits accused them of leading Black Spiral Dancers into the heart of the caern while another claimed that it saw nothing of the sort and was there all evening. In the end Elder 1 believed they were a menace and called with an immediate death. Elder 2 argued that the evidence was inconclusive and to damn us without finding out the truth would be unwise. Elder 3 sat silently for some time and eventually said that Uktena was silent and therefore he would follow suit.

In the end, they were stripped of all that they were and commanded to strike a devastating blow to the “Black Hand” greater than that which they had dealt to the Sept of Gaia’s Tears.

Gathering what shreds of dignity they still had the foursome wandered down to the Rotted Stump to ask Hank if he would give them a ride to somewhere closer to civilization. A few hours, beers, and burgers later they piled into Hanks truck and he drove them to Small town.

There they went shopping for a car (well, minivan) 2015-toyota-sienna-se-001-1.jpg and some basic supplies. Taking stock of their situation Kevin was able to find Elaina McManus’ address, while Ki confirmed that she was at least in that direction. Interested in finding out more about the woman that Hunts-With-Bears ostensibly was communicating with they slept the night in a hotel and set out for Syracuse the next morning.

While Kevin was driving he noticed a state trooper had been tailing them for some time. While the pack discussed what to do, the car’s lights lit up and Kevin obligingly pulled over. After some discussion, it tuned out that the man. Samir Gurgui. was there to deliver a briefcase with some supplies to the pack from their erstwhile leader Hunts-With-Bears. Ostensibly Samir had last seen Hunts in Buffallo and their mutual employer was a dire enemy of the Black Hand and wished to help us. Five dossiers regarding those connected with the Black Hand along with passports, money and weapons were in the briefcase, though what to do with them was unclear. What was also unclear was the pack’s opinions about Hunts as Mirko delivered a messaged to Hunts via Samir that Mirko was coming for Hunts. Ken spoke of understanding what actually happened before driving off potential allies and in the end the pack moved on to their next goal.

It seems that Elaine was in the dossier as well, along with the airport where she often spent time. Driving closer to the airport the foursome retired to a nearby park and stepped sideways to approach the airport in stealth. Moving through the umbra three smog elementals Smog_Elemental.jpg. While climbing Ken’s foot slipped and as the smog elementals flew towards them the pack scrambled for cover, but were able to avoid the beings.

Moving forward once again, more carefully, they were able to enter the warehouse and return to terra. In the file cabinets within the warehouse it turned out that there were a host of manifests for drugs, guns, and larger weapons moving between Montreal and various places within Central America. While the two were reading, Ken and Mirko were exploring the crates and discovered an immense amount of cocaine within the pallets.

With this information, the Sun Pack prepared to confront Elaina McManus.

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