Caern of Jade Dragons

Sept Name: Caern of Jade Dragons
Affiliation: Beast Court
Caern Spirit: Unknown
Caern Type: Peace
Caern Level: Unknown

Hengeyokai.jpgA Beast Court Caern in New York City.

Recent History: The pack of heroes worked to negotiate a truce, and ultimately a friendship between the foreign Beast Court Caern of Jade Dragons and the Concordat of Ancient Rivers.

Physical Location: Flushing in Queens, NY. The Caern’s location doubles as a popular Korean bath house. Local residents speak of the peaceful harmony of the bath, of which the waters remove residual Wyrm taint, unbeknownst to its users.

Residents: The Caern of the Jade Dragon was founded by Kitsune, specifically by a Clan from Korea, in New York permanently serving as diplomats. While Kitsune are common, all the Fera of the Beast Court can be found here from time to time. Amongst the Garou, Stargazers are occasionally welcomed into the Court of the Caern. The Caern of the Jade Dragon has a significantly lower population than the neighboring Sept of the Green, however, visitors from the Far East are common at the Caern of the Jade Dragon.

Rumors and Lore:

  • The founding of the Caern of the Jade Dragon was a shock to native Garou, and seemingly occurred overnight with no spiritual warning. Some theurges believe the Beast Court utilized a powerful ritual to transport a Caern from Asia to New York, while some Uktena have suggested that the Beast Court simply restored a lost Croatan Cairn. Any Garou unearthing this mystery would be greatly honored for the deed.
  • It is known that the Shadow Lords are working hard to secure an alliance with the werewolves of the Beast Court the Haaken.

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Caern of Jade Dragons

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