Caern of the Sentinel

Sept Name: 
Caern of the Sentinel
Caern Spirit: 
Caern Type: Strength

Caern Level: 
Controlled By: Get of Fenris
Affiliation: Concordat of Ancient Rivers

Overview: The Caern of the Sentinel is a caern in New York State, originally belonging to the Uktena, now under the control of the Get of Fenris. It is renowned throughout the Concordat for the successful reintroduction of wolves in the 1990s. The wolf population in and around the Adirondacks is the largest in the Eastern United States.

The Caern of the Sentinel was a notable holdout from the Concordat of Ancient Rivers, and its alpha Ripgut Wyrmfoe a vocal critic of Soothsayer of Water. In a surprising move Soothsayer of Water challenged Ripgut Wyrmfoe to a duel, which was quickly accepted. In a battle which has become legend, the two wrestled, grappled and fought an exhausting fight, lasting well over an hour. When it became apparent that the two were evenly matched Ripgut Wyrmfoe conceded defeat, proclaimed that the Caern of the Sentinel would join the Concordat of Ancient Rivers. In return Soothsayer of Water named Ripgut Wyrmfoe Champion of the Concordat. Since joining the Caern of the Sentinel has been amongst the most active and supportive Septs in all of the Concordat.

Physical Location: It is located at the peak of the Sentinel Mountain Range, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.

Territory: The Caern of the Sentinel claims control of all lands between the St. Lawrence River, the Mohawk River, Lake Ontario and Lake Champlain — in essence the Adirondacks and surrounding lands. Its claim borders the Sept of Falcon’s Roost to the west, the Sept of Shooting Stars to the south and the Sept of Rolling Thunder to the east.

Residents: In contrast to other Get of Fenris Septs, the Caern of the Sentinel is open to Garou of other Tribes who prove themselves worthy. The Fianna represent the largest minority tribe, working well with the Get of Fenris. As a result of the successful re-population of wolves in the Adirondacks, the Sept boasts two all lupus packs — including a number of Red Talons. Black furies, Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords also have sizable representation amongst the packs of the Caern of the Sentinel. Bone Gnawers and Glasswalkers are rare, but a pack led by a Get Ragabash patrol the southern territories of the Caern between Rome and Albany. Children of Gaia and Silent Striders are common visitors, but few chose to stay for prolonged periods. Uktena and Wendigo avoid the Caern, due to past history. Likewise, Stargazers have not seen seen at the Caern since the prior skirmish between the Caern of the Sentinel and the Sept of Shooting Stars.

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Caern History:
In the late 1600s, Valka Great-thorn, a Get of Fenris, simultaneously attacked the Wyrm and Uktena forces who were fighting over the caern at the time. They were both defeated by the Get of Fenris, and the Get took over the caern, earning the undying hate of the Uktena. In the early 1700s the Uktena briefly recaptured it from the Get of Fenris with the help of the Shadow Lords. Shortly afterward the Uktena and Shadow Lords took to fighting and the Get of Fenris seized the caern once again.


Caern of the Sentinel

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