Concordat of Ancient Rivers

Overview: The Concordat of Ancient Rivers is a collective of nine Septs in the Northeastern United States that aid each other and share key resources and mentoring. All Garou living within its territory are considered de-facto members. Over time it has become a critical resource for the training and education of young Garou, as well as served to improve relationships between Tribes and Septs. The Concordat mediates disputes between caerns or Garou, serves in judgement of those accused of crimes against the Litany, and organizes large scale assaults against the Wyrm.

Concordat Members:

  1. Sept of Falcon’s Roost, Syracuse, NY
  2. Sept of Gaia’s Tears, Birdsall, NY
  3. Sept of the Green, Central Park, Manhattan, New York, NY
  4. Sept of the Niagara, Grand River, Ontario, Canada
  5. Caern of the Sentinel, east of Lake Placid, NY
  6. Sept of Shooting Stars, Lew Beach, NY
  7. Sept of Many Waters, Gardiners Island, NY
  8. Sept of Rolling Thunder, Brattleboro, VT
  9. Caern of Stone and Sky, Middleburg, PA

Friendly Affiliates:
Caern of Jade Dragons, Flushing, Queens, New York, NY

Have Rejected Membership:

  1. Sept of the Great Awakening, Washington, DC.
  2. Sept of the Crab, Susquehanna State Park, MD
  3. Two River-Valley Sept, Harpers Ferry, WV
  4. Caern of the Unyielding Pine, Wharton State Forrest, NJ

Structure and Key Events: The Concordat is ruled by the so-called “Alpha of Alpha’s,” currently Soothsayer of Water.

Each Sept that is a member of the Concordat agrees to come to the aid of another Sept when called and maintain a moonbridge to each and every other Sept.

Further, each Sept sends an elder or representative to serve on the Elder’s Council. The Elder’s Coucil is located at the current host of the Concordat, and exists to advise, mentor and judge young garou. The Elder Council is afforded the honor of directly advising the Alpha of Alphas.

*An annual grand moot at the summer solstice cements the Concordat and serves as an opportunity to resolve differences. The grand moot is a chance to gather and celebrate shared victories, trade between Septs, and compete with other Garou. Respected Kinfolk are invited, and feted for their accomplishments during the year, and honorably mated to worthy Garou. At the completion of the summer solstice a grand hunt is identified by the host totem, and the champions of each auspice are joined into a temporary pack and sent off on the hunt. The target of such a hunt is always a foe of great strength, such as an elder Black Spiral Dancer, an ancient Leech or horrid Wyrm spirit.

*A smaller, less joyful moot is held at the winter solstice. Any Sept may petition to hold the moot, which is granted to the Sept that is most in need of help. Garou of the Sept so chosen lose glory for this request, but gain wisdom. Any Garou attending this winter moot gain honor for selflessly helping their fellow Garou. Once assembled during the moot any in attendance are invited to share news of battles of the Wyrm, allowing for knowledge of where the Wyrm is at its strongest to be shared quickly. Garou also share news of those who fell to the Wyrm, and a remembrance is held for those who were lost. When the assembly is at its most somber, the Alpha of the Sept hosting the moot, explains the most pressing concern of the Sept to all those assembled, beseeching those in attendance to help. At the conclusion of the Moot those assembled band together and make war on whatever is causing the Sept trouble.

History of the Concordat: The Concordat was founded by Soothsayer of Water shortly after the visage of the Red Star in 1999, as a defensive organization. As part of the formation of the Concordat, all 13 of the tribal totem spirits were summoned and asked for their blessing. Each of the 13 ultimately gave their blessing to the Concordat. Shortly after the blessing was received, the majority of Septs in the Concordat joined in short order.

Currently, the host and home of the Concordat is the Sept of Gaia’s Tears. As with Garou tradition, any Sept may challenge to be the host of the Concordat in times of peace.

Territory: The Concordat claims all the lands that drain into the St. Lawrence River or Atlantic Ocean between the Potomac and Merrimack Rivers. However, not all Cairns in said territory have agreed to join the Concordat, notably some in Quebec, and along the southern waters of the Susquehanna and Delaware Rivers.

Concordat of Ancient Rivers

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