House Rules

House Rules

  • Only gifts, rites, totems and fetishes from “w20: Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition” will be allowed.
  • Gifts, rites, totems and fetishes from other w20 books such as “w20: Book of the Wyrm” or “w20: Changing Breeds” will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, and will require additional IC efforts to acquire (including, perhaps, downtime or side-quest activities).
  • Gifts, rites, totems and fetishes from original WtA sources will be considered only if unanimously approved by other players, receive ST approval and will require at least a 1 or 2 session IC quest.

End of Game


  • XP will be tracked on each characters XP Log, on their character’s wiki page.
  • Each player will receive 3 XP for each game session.
  • Players can nominate and vote on a player to receive XP for heroism and exceptional role-play.
  • The ST can award additional players XP for heroism and exceptional role-play.
  • The pack will be awarded bonus XP for completing a pack goal.
  • Additional XP for out-of-game work on behalf of the chronicle will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. Examples of actions likely to be rewarded include: regularly updating the “adventure log,” taking and keeping game notes, starting and updating wiki pages, paying for electronic resources for the group.

Recovering Willpower:

  • Players at the conclusion of each game session will be awarded a point of willpower for playing their nature, demeanor or concept well.
  • Players who played their auspice well will receive between 1 and 3 willpower back.
  • Players who achieve a personal victory or goal will receive some willpower, depending on the difficulty of the achievement.
  • At the end of each story, each character will receive all of their willpower back.

Recovering Gnosis:

  • We will follow the rules in w20: pg. 146 for recovering gnosis.
  • The rules for recovering gnosis are summarized on the gnosis wiki page.


  • Renown will be tracked using the Renown Log, on their character’s wiki page.
  • Renown for pack actions will be automatically awarded to the pack by the ST each game.
  • Individual renown can be rewarded by updating the Galliard updating the “Adventure Log,” which represents telling the pack’s story to the Garou nation.
  • Characters of other auspices may update the “Adventure Log” but will be less effective at earning renown (ST discretion).
  • Once a character has earned 10 temporary renown in any given category he may petition a Galliard of his creature type, outside of the pack, to recognize this achievement, perform the Rite of Accomplishment and convert 10 temporary renown to a permanent renown.
  • To recognize particularly excellent role-play, heroism, or the accomplishment of an exceptional goal, the ST may authorize temporary renown over 10 to “roll-over” after the Rite of Accomplishment. For example, a character possessing 15 glory after a remarkable raid on a BSD Hive could receive 1 permanent glory and between 1 and 5 temporary glory, in acknowledgement of the extraordinary accomplishment.


  • The length of downtime shall be agreed upon by all players present at the end of each session.
  • Each PC, the pack as a whole, or groups of PCs may then describe any actions taken during the donwtime period.
  • The ST will do his best to fairly adjudicate these actions, and advance the story as necessary.

House Rules

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