Red Star


The Red Star is a mysterious heavenly body which appeared at the culmination of the Week of Nightmares on July 15, 1999. Known as Anthelios (the anti-sun) to werewolves, the Red Star was seen by most supernaturals as being a sign of the End Times. Today, the Garou consider the appearance of the Red Star the birth of the Era of the New Dawn.

It was initially unable to be seen by mundane forms of perception. It could be seen only by supernatural creatures, but was readily apparent to oracles. It could easily be seen in the Umbra.

As the end times neared, it brightened enough to be viewed by everyone. NASA declared the Red Star stellar object 2001KX76, theorizing it was a reddish-coloured comet heading for Earth. By the rules of NASA’s provisional designations, this would mean it was the 1,923rd object discovered in the second half of May, 2001, suggesting this is roughly when it became visible to mortals.


Red Star

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