Sept of Falcon's Roost

Sept Name: Sept of Falcon’s Roost
Caern Spirit: Falcon
Caern Type: Leadership
Caern Level: 1
Controlled By: Silver Fangs and Glass Walkers
Affiliation: Concordat of Ancient Rivers


Active Packs:
Lambent Talons (alpha pack)
Guilded Hunters (beta pack)
Finders of the Once Lost (gamma pack)
Memory of Thunder (delta pack)
Sun Pack (omega pack)

Sept Positions:
Leader Positions:
Alpha: Beard of Grey
Beta: Roger Daly

Keeper of the Land: Gaze of Ancestors
Master of the Rite: Simone-White-Crane
Master of the Challenge: Makes No Wake
Gatekeeper: Gaze of Ancestors
Wyrm Foe: Roger Daly
Warder: Aaron Pengrave

Minor Positions:
Caller of the Wyld: Gaze of Ancestors
Den Father: Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak
Master of the Howl: EMPTY
Truthcatcher: Sees Without Sight
Talesinger: EMPTY
Guardian: Willis “Runs With Apples” Orchard

Recent History: The Sept of Falcon’s Roost was founded late in 2014, and is slowly becoming functional. After losing the challenge for Sept Alpha at Sept of Gaia’s Tears, Beard of Grey was tasked with founding and running the Sept of Falcon’s Roost. It came as a shock to all that during the Rite of Caern Creation, Falcon chose to take residence in an urban caern. As an urban caern, Falcon’s Roost is constantly threatened by the forces of the Wyrm in Syracuse. Falcon’s Roost has served as a home to the packs and individual Garou who did not feel at home in the rural Sept of Gaia’s Tears.

Physical Location: Downtown Syracuse. The Caern consists of a walled off “Nature Preserve” adjacent to a recently constructed sky-scraper called “Falcon Tower.” WSYR-TV broadcasts from the top of “Falcon Tower.” Kinfolk have been buying up adjacent residences, and have formed a “neighborhood watch.”

Residents: Most Garou do not want to live in an urban caern, particularly in a city as blighted as Syracuse. As such the sept is only home to three five full-time packs. Mostly Glasswalkers. A handful of Bone Gnawers and Silver Fangs. Uktena, Stargazers and Child of Gaia are all represented. The Sept is open to all, and actively recruiting residents.

Territory: The Sept of Falcon’s Roost has the least territory of any Sept in the Concordant, owing to its small size and relative immaturity. The Sept only controls Syracuse, Onida Lake and the lands between the Oswego River and the headwaters of the Seneca River. The Finger Lakes (referred to by Garou as The Lake of Gaia’s Tears) are in control of the Sept of Gaia’s Tears, as are all lands north and west of the headwaters of the Seneca River. To the north and east, the lands are claimed by the Caern of the Sentinel. The territory of the Sept of Falcon’s Roost shares a very small border with the Sept of Shooting Stars, to the south and east.

Rumors and Lore:

  • Supposedly, in ancient times, Falcon’s Roost was an Uktenan Cairn, abandoned when colonists arrived. It is unclear how the cairn was found and reclaimed, and if this reclaiming was sanctioned by Elders of the Uktena.
  • Beard of Grey is not known to have any derangement, which are common to most Silver Fangs.
  • The Cairn is in the midst of a cold war with the Leeches who control Syracuse. Should the Leeches unite, the Cairn would likely be destroyed — so the Garou of Falcon’s Perch fight a quiet, guerrilla war against the Leeches.
  • The Erie Canal, which cuts through the city, is a major source for Banes and Wyrm-Taint. All efforts to clean the Canal, thus far, have failed.
  • Many question why Falcon chose to grace a weak, urban caern with an uncertain future with its great presence.

Sept of Falcon's Roost

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