Sept of the Green


Sept Name: Sept of the Green
Caern Spirit: Lady Liberty
Caern Type: Urban and Protection
Caern Level: 3

Recent History: The Sept of the Green benefited from the Age of the New Dawn more than most Septs, with the population of the Sept more than tripling in the last 10 years. New York, once firmly in control of the forces of the Wyrm, is now a more open battlefield, allowing the Sept of the Green to morph from survival mode to hunting mode. The Sept of the Green was the last Sept to join the Concordat of Ancient Rivers. Many residents of the Sept of the Green question the necessity and wisdom of the Concordat of Ancient Rivers.

Physical Location: The Sept of the Green is hidden in plain sight in Central Park, Manhattan, New York, NY. For this reason most moots and rituals are held in the umbra. Further, it is customary to give a howl of introduction in the umbra, rather than midtown.

Residents: Owing to its adoption of Lady Liberty as its Totem Spirit, the Sept of the Green accepts any and all Garou who wish to reside or visit here. Metis, are treated particularly well, as Lady Liberty requires the Sept to accept and welcome “the tired and the poor.” Metis are nearly as common as homids at the Green. The Sept of the Green is also popular with young werewolves who may not have fit in at their home caern, and who wish to move to the big city to see what opportunities may present themselves.

The Sept of the Green is the largest Sept in the Concordat of Ancient Rivers, recently growing larger than the Sept of Gaia’s Tears. Bone Gnawers are most prevalent, and run the day to day Sept of Gaia’s Tears. Glass Walkers are also common, and have during the Age of the New Dawn reconciled with the Bone Gnawers and joined the Sept en mass. All other tribes are visible here, with Black Furies, Children of Gaia, Fiana, Silver Fangs, Shadow Lords and Uktena well represented. Get of Fenris are frequent visitors during moots and great hunts, but otherwise find being ruled by Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers hard to take. Wendigo and Red Talons are rarely seen, and none have taken up permanent residence at the Green. Stargazers, are common visitors, but tend to reside at the Caern of Jade Dragons in Queens.

Relations with Others:

Rumors and Lore:
*Mother Larissa is very old, and many expect her to retire or face a younger challenger soon. The Glass Walkers could, reasonably, challenge for control of the Caern — which could lead to large scale political upheaval at the Sept.

  • The Bone Gnawers have…passable… relations with the Ratkin of New York City. Relations have….improved…. during the Age of the New Dawn but remain in flux at all times with the unpredictable Ratkin. Recently, the Sept of the Green has learned that some Ratkin has joined the Caern of Jade Dragons, and the possibility of an alliance between the large Ratkin population and the Caern of Jade Dragons is troubling to the Sept.
  • For reasons that are unclear during the Age of the New Dawn attacks by Leeches and their minions have declined drastically at the Sept of the Green. The cause of this peace is unknown, and of great interest to the elders of the Sept of the Green.

Ancient History: It was originally opened by the Silver Fangs in 1855, during which the first Imperial Moot is called in North America, held on New York City’s Manhattan Island. During the Imperial Moot a Rite of Caern Building was enacted, in which the vast number of Garou present supplied an unheard of amount of Gnosis to create a new caern, the Sept of the Green, amidst a city already in the thrall of the Weaver. The revel that followed was also reputably impressive. In 1856, New York City government set aside an 800-acre area on Manhattan Island for a park, reasoning that the area was impossible to bring business into. Construction of Central Park began in 1858, and continued through 1874. The two most responsible for the design and process, Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmstead, are two unknowing Kinfolk, whose designs permitted the Sept of the Green to survive the transition. The caern was originally a Wendigo caern. The Silver Fangs lost control of the caern during the Great Depression.

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Sept of the Green

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