Sept of the Niagara

Sept Name: Sept of the Niagara
Caern Spirit: Wendigo
Caern Type: Rage
Caern Level: 2
Controlled By: Wendigo
Affiliation: Concordat of Ancient Rivers

Overview: The Sept of the Niagara is a primarily Wendigo Sept, located south of St. Catharines, Onatario along the Grand River. It is notable for its surprisingly strong relations with the Sept of Shooting Stars. Not a natural fit for the Concordat of Ancient Rivers the Sept of Shooting Stars were convinced to join the Concordat by

Physical Location: The Sept is located between a nature preserve, and native reservation along the Grand River in extreme southern Ontario, Canada.

Territory: The Sept claims the lands between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, and the lands along the Niagara River. The Sept of the Niagara and Sept of Gaia’s Tears both claim the city of Buffalo in their territory, a point of notable contention.

Residents: The Sept is controlled by the Wendigo, who comprise a majority of the Sept’s population. The Sept is the easternmost held Wendigo Sept, and is fanatically guarded by the Wendigo. Uktena are welcome here, as are packs venerating Wendigo, Uktena or their Brood.
Silent Striders, Stargazers and to a lesser extent the Children of Gaia are welcome visitors, although few chose to reside permanently at the Sept.

Relations to Other Septs:

Rumors and Lore:

Sept of the Niagara

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