Sun Pack

Pack Name: Sun Pack
Sept: Sept of Falcon’s Roost
Sept Position: Omega Pack
Pack Alpha: Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak
Pack Beta: Kevin Steen
Residence: Sun Pack House


Totem: Katanka-Sonnak (Hyperion)
Cost: 10
Pack Totem Background: 14 = (Chris T: 5, Mark: 5, Ryan: 2, James: 1, Steve: 1)
Surplus Totem Points: 0
Pack Members: Ki Ackerman, Ken, Kevin Steen, Mirko “Sunspot” Nopbak, Steve from Accounting.
Pack Granted Abilities: Each pack member gains access to the Ahroun Gift: Gift of Helios. The pack may call on an additional 5 willpower per story.
Pack Ban: Ban: Followers must protect the other shapeshifters left on earth, particularly the Corax and Mokole.

Pack History: The Sun Pack earned the honor of Hyperion as its totem as a result of its work improving relationship between the Concordat of Ancient Rivers and the Beast Court.

Current Relation to Totem: After dishonoring Hyperion through their failure to protect the Sept of Gaia’s Tears, Hyperion is angry at the Sun Pack. The characters may not increase the power of the totem by spending XP until they make amends with their totem spirit.

Current Pack Goals: Are listed on the Goals wiki page.

Current Pack Tactics: None.

Totem Attributes:
Rage: 4
Gnosis: 2
Willpower: 2
Essence: 8
Charms: Airt Sense, Reform
Ability: Pack Telepathy

Sun Pack

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