Overview: This wiki page will track pack and individual goals. Goals will be rated by the ST, and upon completion the pack or individuals may earn additional XP or have their temporary willpower or gnosis refreshed, as ST judgement. This page should be kept up to date by the players.

Pack Goals:

Current Goals:
1) Recover the Sept of Gaia’s tears.
2) Uncover the treachery that led to the sept falling.
3) Restore standing with Helios
Achieved Goals and Awards:

Individual Goals:

Current Goals:

Short term: Take down a MagiTech attack chopper.
Medium term: Uncover the mystery of the Sunpack Lodge.
Long term: Discover parental lineage.
Impossible term: Figure out what happened to the spirits of the Croatan. Surely they’re somewhere in the deep umbra.

1. Obtain a(nother?) Klaive.
2. Rejoin Garou Nation/Redeem the pack

Ki Ackerman
1. Get a tech gift of some sort or tech talen or some tech thing — especially once related to Dr. Al Kroger
2. get something allowing Ken to travel about in public without breaking the Veil

Kevin Steen
1. Hand cannon, wants.
2. purchase rental car from Fast Eddies, sight unseen.
3. Communicate with Helios to power laser weapons.

Achieved Goals and Awards:
1. Mirko: Become Pack Alpha (May 4, 2015), + 1 XP


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